August W. Danowski

Photo of August Danowski

August Danowski has worked in tech support, both formally and informally, since 1988.

He got his first Macintosh computer all the way back in November, 1984, the year they were first introduced. He has been an avid Mac user and proponent ever since.

However, with over decade and a half of experience working in the corporate world, and serving on the technology committees at to two large companies, August has lots of experience with Windows based computers as well. He understands the reasons why a particular platform may be a better fit for different users.

In addition to his time in the business world, August is also a former school teacher and private tutor. This gives him an advantage when it comes to computer training and support. His philosophy is not just about solving problems for people. Instead, he tries to empower people with the tools and knowledge necessary to solve those problems themselves.