hardware and software tech support

Tech support for all your computer, tablet and smart phone needs. Whether you are using macOS or Windows; iOS or Android, we are here to help you.

Only $40 per hour, with no minimum, and we come to you.

And because we do not sell hardware or software ourselves, we will never pressure you to buy anything. Our goal is to help you with what you have. If you do need something new, we can help you find the right solution for your situation within your budget – from free, open-source software to a jewel encrusted computer mouse and everything in between.

We are the place to call if:

  • You need help installing a new printer, upgrading your RAM or replacing a hard drive.
  • You need help configuring a new wi-fi network or figuring out why an existing one has stopped working.
  • You have finally decided to back-up your files and don’t know how.
  • You want to buy a new computer or tablet and you are overwhelmed by the choices.*
  • You need to replace a cracked screen on your laptop.
  • And, of course, for all the Windows users out there, virus removal.

Our promise:

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!

* Special Offer: For $20 and a cup of coffee, we will meet you at your favorite coffee shop to discuss and analyze your specific needs and advise you what tablet, laptop or desktop you should buy.