hardware and software training

from absolute beginner to seasoned expert

If you want to learn how to use your computer to actually improve your life, we can help. From getting more comfortable with your new computer to becoming a Microsoft Office power user.

How to tell if you, or someone you love, needs software training:

  • Referring to the browser as “the Internet Explorer.”
  • Running a small business and not being able to make heads or tails out of QuickBooks.
  • When formatting a document, typing more than two tabs in a row, or (gasp!) indenting words with the space bar.
  • Having numbered paragraphs in a document that don’t automatically update.
  • Wanting to make super cool macros in Word and Excel, but not knowing how.

So, if you are still using your computer like a manual typewriter, call us.

We can help with: Windows & macOS; Microsoft Word & Excel; Quickbooks; Acrobat; WordPress; and more.